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Sonics had a tremendous 2016 outdoor season, which followed their breakout indoor season. The team finished the season on a high note in a thrilling sudden death shootout competition in the Bronze Medal Match against Cougars-1.


Titans started off the season with 3 players for game 1 so to say it was challenging is an understatement! Despite playing shorthanded for much of the season, including playoffs, the Titans were able to have some success on the field. The team started gaining some success with the recruitment of some new young players, winning its semi-final game convincingly over a full Storm team that had subs. Titans carried that momentum forward to have a 4 – 0 solid win over Phoenix Pink in the final to finish 5th! Their team photo also shows that the team knows how to have fun as well.

BACK: Steph Tench (coach), Grace Holmes, Brenna Lalonde, Kat Van Waes, Taylor Lamb, Charlee Witschi
FRONT: Liza Emesibe, Keely Vanderwal, Maris Schneider

MISSING: Nikki Campbell, Melody McIntyre, Kristen Murray, Melissa Nickason-Derkach, Laura Rigby, Allison Simpson, Kristina Wantola

Omegas had a challenging 2016 season, but when the chips were down, they held strong. A hard fought tie in during the last regular season game allowed Omegas to finish 8th for the round robin and have some breathing room and, more importantly, out of the dreaded best-of-3 potential relegation series. From there, Omegas went to upset a strong Coyotes team in overtime during the semi-finals. The team rode that wave and then proceeded to win 1 – 0 over Phoenix White in the finals to finish 5th for the season!

BACK: Meghan Armstrong, Sandra Smith, Kat Van Waes, Lori Smith, Melissa Cole, Jenna Swiatkowski, Gabby Robson
FRONT: Erica Johnson, Emily Gilman, Chelsea Webster, Natasha Cole

MISSING: Shanelle Bjorndahl, Kelsey Fraser, Kim Hardiman, Erin Roberts, Jenelle Umbsaar, Maryanne Umbsaar, Sydney Yee

Stars Finish with Bronze for 2016

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club at Oct 12, 2016 10:17AM PDT

The Stars came out blazing and were undefeated for the regular season with a 10-win and 3-tie season to finish first after round robin play. Unfortunately, the team was shorthanded and came up against a determined and surging Cougars-3 team who had a full roster during semi-final play. Stars rebounded against BlueStreaks to win the Bronze medal match.

BACK: Joni Stetz, Leah Dell, Tamsyn Murnaghan, Cate Petan, Jess Woelfe (now Davis), Josie Robostan, Donna LeBlanc, Tara Matheron
FRONT: Amie Lee, Annie Stuhec, Ashley Codd, Steph Tench

MISSING: Carolyn Bosch, Shanta Johnson, Lauren LeBlanc, Erin Reiman,


Astros-B repeat as B-League Champions! There were a number of new faces and, for awhile, a rotating carousel in goal when Nikki got hurt midseason, but the team banded together for a solid season, finishing 2nd during the regular season and then winning B-League Gold. Newcomer, Laura Gordon took one on the nose (literally) early in the first half, but contributed to a strong season. Our trio of Laura’s were formidable as were our crew of young forwards with Paige Koochin, Emily Smith, and Brooke Van Oosten providing a spark when a goal was needed. And, of course, our core of midfielders and defenders were a tough bunch for teams to try and get through.

Astros-B will look to defend once again in 2017, always a tough task, especially after winning in 2014 and 2015 as well.

BACK (left to right): Joanne White, Lisa Reimer, Anita Massey, Verla Wong, Brooke Van Oosten, Laura Gordon, Laura Bevelander, Laura Waller
FRONT (left to right): Emily Smith, Nicole Hutchinson, Emilie Pianarosa, Kirsten Neitsch, Melinda Bretzer
LYING in Front: Nikki Campbell

MISSING: Danica Heath, Paige Koochin, Janet Prime, Maris Schneider, Roselien Venema-Bezzeg, Laurene Uys, Michaela Walter, Nicole White