Astros Jr. Club Registration - Junior Boot Camp (Spring)

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Astros Jr. Club Registration - Junior Boot Camp (Spring)

Join us for a fun introduction for new players and warm-up for returning players to spring outdoor field hockey, hosted by the Astros Field Hockey Club.
- LOCATION: Viper Dome (Mar. 31, April 7/13/15)
- AGE GROUPS: U12s, U14s, U18s

Instructions for Payment

To pay for sessions, please e-Transfer to “” and use “name of club” and “astros” as the question and answer.

Register for ASTROS Teams with Calgary Junior Program (CJP)

Register for CJP Spring League on FHA website –

- Astros South U12s, U14s, U18s – To Be Confirmed
- Astros U12s, U14s, U18s – Thursday Evening Practices
- Astros FunStix – Thursday Evening Practices

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