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Spartans got even younger this year with the addition of 3 players under the age of 14 and 3 more players who still aren’t old enough to drive. Three seemed to be a theme number for the team with 3 returning indoor players, but the team steadily improved with a dedicated crew of players who were regular fixtures at indoor practices. With that commitment, the team went undefeated through fall and winter and the only blemish being a 1 – 1 tie against our other club team, Fury, early in January. Spartans continued to raise their level of play and played to a convincing 6 – 0 semi-final win over Thunder-II. The team continued to drive even harder with their best team performance and, continuing with the theme of “3”, earned a solid 3 – 0 win over Fury for GOLD in Junior Division.

BACK (left to right): Verla Wong (Coach), Maddie Romeril, Ade Sinclair, Avery Vadnai, Brenna Lalonde, Eva Kuzyk, Kristen Murray (Coach)
FRONT (left to right): Tiana Tindale, Elena Esposito, Jane White, Allie Krupa
SITTING: Kim Scott

TNT Earns Indoor Division I Gold!

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club at Mar 21, 2017 4:39PM PDT

TNT had a couple of new players join us for the 2016-17 indoor season. Over time and some early season speed bumps during the Fall seeding round as we got familiar with our new teammates and re-adjusted back to playing 6 on 6, we had a very strong season, going undefeated through the 2016-17. It was a tightly contested back-and-forth Gold Medal match. Phoenix Black scored on their first possession, but TNT was able to tie it up fairly soon after. The teams exchanged goals back and forth throughout the match and TNT finally went ahead with less than 4 minutes to go with a pretty goal from Jenny Gobin. Time seemed stand still and Phoenix Black poured on the pressure to get the tying goal and even earned a penalty corner at the buzzer. With some stellar goalkeeping and strong defensive play, TNT held strong and finished with a well-earned 4-3 win for GOLD in Division I.

BACK (left to right): Brooke Van Oosten, Patrice Ahl, Laura Fairbairn, Jose Esposito-Festen
FRONT (left to right): Venus Kwan, Verla Wong, Peggy Seto, Jenny Gobin
LYING DOWN: Burgundy Biletski

MISSING: Dee-Ann Evans, Marla Richardson


Omegas steadily improved this season with the addition of some new players as well as a newly-returned longtime player-coach. A strong core of players who have been regularly attending practices has made a huge difference in bringing stability and better structure to the team play. In a best-of-2 series against Cougars-2, it looked like the first game might go against Omegas had it not been for some late pressure by the team and a timely and accurate penalty stroke with regulation time expiring to earn a 2 – 2. For Game 2, Omegas continued the momentum with a convincing 4 – 0 win to become Division III Gold Medal Champions. Even more important than that, it allows Omegas the opportunity for a challenge-match against the last-place finisher in Division II (Lightning) to move up for next fall.

BACK: Natasha Cole, Sharon Bhola, Sandra Smith, Maryanne Umbsaar
FRONT: Emily Gilman, Ceilidh Marshall, Sydney Yee, Rebecca Englert

MISSING: Meghan Armstrong, Melissa Cole, Joanne White, Newt Mawien


Astros Selects steadily improved over the weekend and were “this close” (or about 51 seconds) to bringing the semi-final to strokes against Dinos A on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, the team started strong, but weren’t able to convert on penalty corners, losing to the Victoria Vixens in the Bronze medal match. Nevertheless, a tremendous weekend and a fun event for a combined Astros team comprised of players from TNT, Sonics, Astros, and Stars.

TEAM MEMBERS: Nikki Campbell (GK-Sonics), Patrice Ahl (TNT), Jess Davis (Stars), Laura Fairbairn (TNT), Lindsey Logan (Sonics), Tamsyn Murnaghan (Stars), Lisa Reimer (Astros), Steph Tench (Sonics), Brooke Van Oosten (TNT), Holly Wright (Astros)

COACH: Verla Wong

Road Trip!!!

Planning for the Astros U16 Selects team tour is underway.

WHERE: Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver area
WHEN: June 1 – 4, 2017

Stay tuned for details…