News and Announcements

Shaw TV will be Live Streaming the Sr Girls Div 1 Field Hockey City Championship game on June 7/17.

The feed will go live at 3:55 pm on June 7.

Live Link:


To register, email the following information to CLFHA Administrator (
• Name
• Email
• Contact Phone #
• Outdoor Team(s)
• Clinic Dates

OUTDOOR RECERTIFICATION CLINIC – Attend Part 1 (Thurs., May 18, 2017)


You need to attend one EACH of a Part 1 and a Part 2

PART 1: Thursday, May 18, 2017 … 6:30pm – 9:30pm @ Repsol Sport Centre – PARKVIEW ROOM (by Jugo Juice/Foundation Lounge)

PART 1: Thursday, June 22, 2017… 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks) – The Rules
PART 2: Thursday, June 8, 2017 or Thursday, June 29, 2017… 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks) – How to Umpire
WHERE: 4303 – 11 St. SE
HOW MUCH: $50 (Payable to CLFHA)
Umpire Shirt: $40 (Payable to CLFHA)
Course Conductor: Keely Dunn

If you are unable to attend these in-person clinics, there are now online versions of the courses, available starting May 15th at Pricing for the online versions is $80 for certification, $40 for recertification.


1. Classroom
• Rules & interpretations
• Knowledge of the game
• What makes a good umpire?
• Video footage
• Become a more effective umpire
• Q & A

2. Written Exam:
• Exam is sent by email (open book) and examinees have 7 days to return it however they see fit
• Course Conductors will send as .DOC. which they will mark(up) them and send back

3. Field Assessment
• You will be scheduled or can request opportunities to shadow experienced umpires
• Then you will umpire with an experienced umpire or umpire-coach shadowing you
• Then you work with the League Coordinator and an Assessor to schedule a field assessment
• You get paid retroactive to the beginning of the season for games where you umpired (i.e. blow the whistle)

“Why Umpire”
• It’s rewarding, challenging and fun / helps you understand more about hockey
• You give back to the sport / become certified and get paid


Like many of our Astros Club teams this year, Titans underwent a dramatic team makeover from last year as well as from the Fall Seeding to the Fall/Winter Indoor season. Similar to the outdoor season, there were some very challenging moments early in the season when the team were playing shorthanded, but the team eventually established a stronger core of players. With this, Titans found the “silver” lining and while they were disappointed that they weren’t able to win Division IV and have the opportunity to challenge the last-place finisher in Division III, the team ended with a strong 2nd place finish in Division IV.

BACK: Megan Trosch, Kristen Murray, Erin Roberts, Laura Gillan, Sahar Khan, Andrea Zhuang
FRONT: Steph Tench (Coach), Keely Vanderwal, Maris Schneider

MISSING: Lisa Leffelaar (Fall Only), Hope Poole, Maddie Romeril (Designated Sub), Erin Scott


With a number of players graduating and with roster changes being the theme for most of our Astros Club teams, Fury had some new energetic and committed recruits joining the team for the 2016-17 indoor season. The team steadily progressed over the indoor season and surprised a few teams with their willingness to not give up and gradually building up wins and confidence. Fury earned a very convincing 7 – 0 win over Cubs in the semi-finals to earn a berth in their first Gold Medal final. In that final, the team had their opportunities and solid goalkeeping, but were unable to get any goals behind Spartans and lost 3 – 0 in the final. This will be something to build on for next fall as the team celebrates a best-ever strong silver finish.

BACK: Huyen Way (Coach), Jenny Wishart, Kioko Kawasaki, Sydney Snyder, Cindy Thai, Emily LeSage, Sandra Smith (Coach)
KNEELING: Kiya Gosselin, Claire Askey, Siri Olson
FRONT: Alana Madrid

MISSING: Kate Haig, Megan Haig, Fiona Sherrington, *Kim Scott (who plays in goal for Spartans)


Spartans got even younger this year with the addition of 3 players under the age of 14 and 3 more players who still aren’t old enough to drive. Three seemed to be a theme number for the team with 3 returning indoor players, but the team steadily improved with a dedicated crew of players who were regular fixtures at indoor practices. With that commitment, the team went undefeated through fall and winter and the only blemish being a 1 – 1 tie against our other club team, Fury, early in January. Spartans continued to raise their level of play and played to a convincing 6 – 0 semi-final win over Thunder-II. The team continued to drive even harder with their best team performance and, continuing with the theme of “3”, earned a solid 3 – 0 win over Fury for GOLD in Junior Division.

BACK (left to right): Verla Wong (Coach), Maddie Romeril, Ade Sinclair, Avery Vadnai, Brenna Lalonde, Eva Kuzyk, Kristen Murray (Coach)
FRONT (left to right): Tiana Tindale, Elena Esposito, Jane White, Allie Krupa
SITTING: Kim Scott