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Titans Rebuilding for the Future

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club at Aug 24, 2017 1:20PM PDT

Titans was essentially a brand new team, as there were only 2 returning field players from previous seasons. As with all “new teams”, there were some growing pains as the team worked towards building some chemistry and consistency. The team played shorthanded for much of the spring, but started to slow develop and develop their team play. Hopefully, with a few more players continuing to play together through the indoor season and players who are going away for university studies returning next spring, the team will build a consistent core again and return to the success that the team enjoyed in previous years.

BACK: Maris Schneider (coach), Sahar Khan, Vageesha Sharma, Vydia Kassie, Charlene Le, Emily Connolly, Nicole Fung
FRONT: Pauline Huynh, Jenna Richardson, Kristen Murray, Alicia Becker
LYING IN FRONT: Keely Vanderwal

MISSING: Steph Tench (coach), Tiana Carroll, Alysha Creaghan, Laura Gillan, Beth Klassen, Brenna Lalonde, Erin Scott, Jasmine Tharagan, Kristina Wantola

Astros-A Win Gold!

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club at Aug 23, 2017 9:36AM PDT

It was a rematch of the 2016 Gold Medal match where Astros-A faced off against Phoenix Black. This time, Astros-A emerged victorious with a well-earned and well-disciplined 3 – 0 win over Phoenix Black. There were a few cards sprinkled in the game for both teams to make things interesting. A few of our youngsters (and a few of us who aren’t quite as young anymore) got to experience double-gold in winning with Astros-A and Astros-B.

Astros-A were able to follow the lead of Astros-B who had won Gold in their league final the previous night!

BACK (left to right): Maryanne Umbsaar, Nicole White, Laura Fairbairn, Maddie Romeril, Niki Baumann, Morgan Scoville
FRONT (left to right): Verla Wong, Venus Kwan, Melinda Bretzer, Brooke Van Oosten, Jose Esposito-Festen, Marla Richardson
LYING DOWN: Burgundy Biletski

MISSING: Shanelle Bjorndahl, Jess Britton, Danica Heath, Nadia Izzo, Jenny Johnson, Paige Koochin, Emilie Pianarosa, Peggy Seto, Reath Trainor, Stef Wind


Come and cheer on Astros-A as the team plays in a repeat of last year’s Gold Medal match against Phoenix Black for A-League Gold!!! The match is TUES., AUGUST 22nd at 8pm at U of C Hawkings Field.

BACK (left to right): Venus Kwan
FRONT (left to right): Peggy Seto, Melinda Bretzer, Brooke Van Oosten, Maddie Romeril, Emilie Pianarosa, Laura Fairbairn, Morgan Scoville, Maryanne Umbsaar
LYING DOWN: Burgundy Biletski

MISSING: Niki Baumann, Shanelle Bjorndahl, Jess Britton, Jose Esposito-Festen, Danica Heath, Nadia Izzo, Jenny Johnson, Paige Koochin, Jill Poohachoff, Marla Richardson, Reath Trainor, Nicole White, Stef Wind, Verla Wong


Rush added some new players to complement a good core of players to have another successful season. Rush finished 2nd in the regular season in C-league and won the semi-final match against Masters. On Wednesday, Rush faced off against Phoenix Red for the title of C-league champions. Although Rush had not agreed to the format change during the coin toss, the opponent some managed to get the option to play 4 quarters (instead of 2 halves) and benefited from it as they could halt momentum and given themselves a breather. Rush scored first, but some contested calls in their circle resulted in the team being on the losing end of a 4 – 2 result. Although it was not the finish that they wanted, this has been a tremendous season for Rush! Silver is not too shabby.

BACK (left to right): Lesley Birkkjaer, Hannah Ferns, Carin Lively, Melissa Buirchell, Julia Ursel, Meagan Moulton, Catriona Le May Doan, Natasha Cole, Ching Li
FRONT (left to right): Maryanne Umbsaar (coach), Bev Keyes, Dana MacCallum, Erica Johnson, Celeste Timm, Lindsay Goodbrand, Chelsea Webster (coach), Heather Legault

MISSING: Kelly Elker, Emily Ford, Kelsey Fraser, Megan Koester, Liz Quinn


Astros-B repeat as B-League Champions! There were a number of new faces and, for awhile, a goalie-of-the-week until Charlee finished her demanding semester at ACAD. The team banded together for a solid season, finishing undefeated during the regular season with a couple of ties to make things interesting … and won B-League Gold to cap off a very successful season. The additions of Mindy Walliser and Patrice Ahl plus the return of captain, Melinda Bretzer, added some veteran steadiness. Our crew of young players with Reath Trainor, Maggie Parnis, Maddie Romeril, and Holly Wright combined to be awesome with the return of 2nd year youngsters Paige Koochin, Brooke Van Oosten, and Nicole White to provide spark and some timely goals. We also added to the great mix with the additions of Morgan Scoville, Jill Poohachoff, and Tamara Gimon.

Astros-B will look to defend once again in 2018, always a tough task, especially after now winning in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

BACK (left to right): Janet Prime, Joanne White, Nicole White, Brooke Van Oosten, Maddie Romeril, Patrice Ahl, Tamara Gimon
FRONT (left to right): Verla Wong, Melinda Bretzer, Emilie Pianarosa, Reath Trainor, Maggie Parnis, Morgan Scoville, Anita Massey
LYING DOWN: Charlee Witschi

MISSING: Laura Gordon, Paige Koochin, Laura Mahe (Bevelander), Jill Poohachoff, Lisa Reimer, Peggy Seto, Laura Waller, Mindy Walliser, Holly Wright